My eye for design started early. Building model airplanes and trains as a kid, my passion for the art of it — for building cool things — flourished. That passion carried me all the way to Louisiana State University (LSU) where I received a Bachelor of Architecture.

I loved the creative pursuits of architecture school — the building, painting and drawing — but, I was always looking to incorporate photography into my projects. The medium added nuance and clarity to my designs.

I was fascinated that something as simple as a ray of afternoon sunlight had the power to transform, to create new shapes, lines and contrast. And so, I left LSU with a photography minor under my belt as well.

Following college, I was an architect for 15 years, working in the commercial/healthcare/educational spaces. Although that time was fulfilling, photography always remained my true passion. Times were few when I didn’t have a camera smashed against my face, honing my skills, perfecting my eye… and getting ready for the next phase.

Since making the leap from architect to photographer, I’ve stayed busy shooting in the South East and around the nation. It’s by design that I remain firmly grounded in the architecture field.

My photography experience covers a wide array of genres from travel to photojournalism to sports. But, my focus is on architectural with expertise in shooting high-end residential and commercial buildings and interior design.

Photographer Ted Miles posing in the South West.

Client List

Catherine McInnis, Keller Williams Luxury Homes International
Cindy Meador Interiors
Coastal Lifestyle Magazine
Courtney and Morris Real Estate
Crocker Design Group
D&T Tile & Terrazzo Company
EFCO Corporation
Kendra Scott
Mobile Bay Monthly
Nesser Construction
Southern National Restaurant
Walcott, Adams, Verneuille Architects
Washer, Hill, Lipscomb Architects
Watershed Architecture